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Safety In Neighbours Campaign Launches

Now that we’re all starting to ease out of lockdown, we need to make sure that as well as keeping ourselves safe, we’re keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

More people out and about means burglary is expected to rise, which is why we’re launching a new campaign, in partnership with the Home Office, to warn Neighbourhood Watch members, and non-members alike, and provide practical tools to prevent burglary.

Working with specialist social creative agency, TMW Unlimited, we’ve created Safety in Neighbours – a fresh, thumb-stopping social campaign aimed at a younger audience of 20-50 year olds, launching on 27th July.

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of the Neighbourhood Watch Network, said reaching out to these audiences will expand the impact Neighbourhood Watch can have in the UK:

“What we know about younger audiences is that they are not usually connected with their neighbours until there’s a problem that needs to be solved. Their relationships are often reactive rather than proactive. We also see them looking to action and own local solutions to issues in their area such as burglary.”

The campaign uses hyper-targeting on Facebook to reach people in the UK’s most burgled areas – encouraging them to start a proactive relationship with their neighbours, so as a community they can spot warning signs and prevent burglaries. The campaign will also be shared across Neighbourhood Watch Network’s Instagram, Twitter and national volunteer network.

The creative makes a feature of the iconic Neighbourhood Watch black and yellow colours, giving our brand a more contemporary look and feel with bold, eye-catching animations that have a simple message.

We’ll encourage people to use the WIDE combination of security measures in their home, which reduces the risk of home burglary by nearly 50 times more than those with no security. The campaign directs them to a simple prevention checklist, local crime map, and our membership page.

We believe Neighbourhood Watch can act as the thread that knits local communities together, sharing tools and practical advice to keep our neighbourhood’s safe and vibrant.

We believe there’s safety in neighbours.

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Kelly Noble (Police, Social Media Engagement Officer, Corporate Communications, Countywide)