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Police advice* on responding to intruder alarms

On hearing an alarm sounding we would expect a member of the public or neighbouring resident to ring the police control room and advise us of the location of the activation and any possible suspicious circumstances.

We would normally expect this type of call on the non-emergency number of 101 during periods of daylight, unless there were suspicious circumstances, however if during the night and because it is sometimes difficult to see around the rear of a property where the alarm is sounding, together with the fact that at certain times our public call queue times are quite excessive, we would accept a call on the 999 emergency line for what could turn out to be a report that we would request an immediate deployment to.

On receipt of the call all details will be taken and an incident created. The incident will be risk assessed and the best course of action will be decided. This does not automatically mean officers will be dispatched to the address this will be dependent on the information supplied by the informant, however the address will be researched in the intelligence system to see if :-

a) The owner has been a recent victim of crime

b) Key contact details are held in the system and if so the owner will be advised

c) Whether any similar reports have been received from the area.

d) Whether the informant can see anything suspicious.

e) Whether any power outages have been reported in the area

The answers to these questions will be used to assess the risk element and if the call handler feels that a request for attendance is necessary then an incident will be sent to the relevant department for officers to attend.

The final decision on deployment is made by the control room inspector and will depend on what resources the inspector has at that particular time bearing in mind that we have to put people before property.

*Northants Police Control Room [].
Sunday, May 14, 2017 1:01 PM