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Parking General Rules And Advice

The Community Safety Partnership would like you to consider the recommendations listed below when parking your vehicle on the Highway.Please park your car responsibly and considerately. If you have a driveway or parking space, please use it.Do not wait or park where there are restrictions shown by:

  • Yellow lines along the edge of the carriageway
  • School entrance markings on the carriageway
  • Where road signs or markings indicate a prohibition on stopping

Do not park your vehicle where it would endanger or obstruct pedestrians or other road users. For example do not stop:

  • Near a school entrance [yellow Zig Zag lines]
  • In front of the entrance to a property
  • Where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users or access to driveways
  • Opposite a traffic island [if this would cause an obstruction]
  • Opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction
  • On a blind corner
  • Anywhere you would prevent access for emergency vehicles

Avoid parking partially or wholly on the pavement as this can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, the visually impaired and people with pushchairs.Finally, when parking at night, for safety, please position your vehicle facing in the direction of the flow of traffic. This allows for rear reflectors to illuminate as another vehicle approaches.Officers that respond to reported incidents involving parking complaints will assess each situation individually and wherever possible liaise with the owner of a vehicle to consider repositioning. If an officer considers a vehicle to be parked in a dangerous position or causing more than a momentary obstruction that officer may consider issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice or the removal of said vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Kind Regards PCSO Paul Miller.

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Paul Miller (Police, Community Support Officer, Daventry & South Northants)