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2018-19 Crime Survey For England And Wales

We have been advised that The Office for National Statistics has contracted Kantar Public to carry out the 2018-19 Crime Survey for England and Wales on its behalf. The survey was previously known as the British Crime Survey (BCS).

The Crime Survey asks both adults and children (aged 10 to 15) in England and Wales about their experiences of crime. The Crime Survey and police recorded crime are a complementary series and together provide a more comprehensive picture of crime than could be obtained from either series alone. The Crime Survey includes crimes that are not reported to the police.

The survey is conducted throughout the year across all areas of England and Wales. Last year, we interviewed at around 35,000 addresses. Chief Constables across England and Wales are informed that the Crime Survey will be carried out.

The interviewer carrying out the Crime Survey in this local area is working on behalf of Kantar Public, which is one of the largest independent research agencies in the UK. All interviewers who work on the survey carry a Market Research Society Interviewer Identity Card. This card includes the interviewer’s name and photograph and a number to call to check their identity.

Kantar Public have stated that they will endeavour not to visit households which are in official No Cold Calling Zones.

If you require any further information about the survey, please call the Crime Survey Information Line at Kantar Public on free phone 0800 051 0882 during office hours or email You can also visit the Crime Survey for England and Wales website:

We appreciate that Northamptonshire Police advice is, especially to the elderly or vulnerable persons, would be not to open the door to unexpected callers and this advice still stands. However, Kantar Public has advised us of its forthcoming programme and we have taken the opportunity to share this information with those within the area, so that they are aware.People can still choose not to open the door, but we wanted to make as many people as possible aware that this company will be working within the area.

If you suspect a bogus caller is at your door, even if you didn’t let them in, call 999.

If you would like a ‘No Cold Calling Home’ sticker to discourage unwanted callers, please email


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Susan Fletcher (Police, Crime Prevention Officer, Northamptonshire)